Winter Precautions With Car Covers

Car covers are an essential winter item. Before we go out and brave the storms raging outside, we make sure that we are wrapped up nice and warm. Out come the gloves, scarves, woolly hats, coats and boots. We do not leave a single thing out lest we catch even a runny nose in this weather. But what about our cars? They are left bare, unsheltered, out in the cold, to face the battle alone. No wonder they get ruined and don’t work properly – they’re ill! Be wise, and take the preventative car medicine this winter; get a car cover. You will probably find that a waterproof ford car covers is your best bet. They will fully equip you and your car to face winter at its best (or worse!). A waterproof car cover will ensure that no rain, sleet or snow will be able to find their way onto your car. This is vital. The rain leaves awful water-marks all over the exterior of the car, so that it looks a frightful mess. Aside from this, the levels of acid in the rain today make the paint-work disintegrate and peel away. Again, this totally ruins the look of the car. Snow has the same effect on cars as rain, only even worse. It also leaves watermarks, makes the paint crack etc. What’s more is that the snow causes the car to freeze over. When this happens, the brakes freeze too, and this could work out to be extremely hazardous. Frozen brakes do not work effectively enough and could, G-d forbid, cause fatalities. Most waterproof car covers today are made from material that is breathable. This means that air and moisture that are trapped beneath the cover can escape through the material away from the car. This allows the car to sweat and breathe whilst covered, and you do not have worry about it getting steamed up and, or rotten. Do not worry; this does not take away from the resistance of water from entering on to the car.

Windy weather is another winter factor that damages a car. As the wind kicks up a storm, anything that has been left lying in the street is unfortunate enough to be dragged along. Bits of rubbish and rubble are suddenly made to fly through the air, and whilst doing so, often end up scratching and denting cars. This does not usually present itself as a problem when the car is covered with a cover. The cover is able to absorb the shock of the impact from most things, without an impression being left on the car. The cover acts as a cushioning shield for the car. Aside from all of this, just having a car cover will ensure that your car is safer. Sneaking individuals are more likely to abandon your car as a likely target if it is covered, as they cannot see if it is worth the risk. So you only stand to gain from having a car cover! Sunbrella car cover is the ideal preventative ‘medicine’ for a car in hot, sunny climates. Whilst we humans may totally love the sun and could spend hours upon end just lying in it, it is not good for our cars. Just as we need to put on sun cream to ensure we do not get burnt and skin cancer, our cars need covers so that they do not get ruined.

What effect does the sun have on cars?

There are many different ways that the sun can end up harming cars. To begin with, the internal workings of the car get ruined when the car overheats. Naturally, you do not want this to happen. You want to be sure that your car will run as smoothly as possible. It can also get unbearably hot and stuffy in the car. It is impossible to drive under such conditions, as it is very claustrophobic. The driver is also at risk of burning his hands on the steering wheel, which becomes burning hot from the sun. The exterior of the car can also get ruined from the sun. The sun has extremely powerful ultraviolet rays. In recent years, this has gotten worse due to global warming, and the ozone layer thinning. Ultraviolet rays are therefore not filtered when entering the earth and come in full force. The ultraviolet rays melt the car’s finish, making it loose all it’s shine and lustre. The car is left with a very dull, drab coat of paint. However, even the paint itself get ruined in the sun. The sun bleaches the car’s paintwork, and drains it of all it’s colour. Instead of a beautiful, vibrant coat of paint, the car is colourless, and shabby looking. All together, the car gives a very washed out, old, and weather beaten impression, sooner than it has to.

How can Sunbrella car cover help?

The Sunbrella car cover is made up of acrylic fibers that are themselves naturally resistant to ultra violet rays. It is also woven in a way that makes the resistance even stronger. As this resistance is natural, it will not fade with time and use. This makes the car cover able to last a lifetime, at least. Even in sunny climates, there is the occasional, odd shower of rain, here and there. Therefore, the Sunbrella cover is also water resistant, but at a much lower degree than its resistance to sun. This is just to make sure that no one gets caught out, and the car left with no protection. Having a Sunbrella cover, will also prevent dust, birds droppings and tree sap from settling on the car and dirtying, and staining it. As a result, the car remains clean and shining, and always looks presentable. Sunbrella car covers resist the growth of rot and mildew in most environments, so there is no need to worry about how the car is faring under the cover. Sunbrella covers will stay vibrant in color themselves, as the fabric of the cover is dyed before the fibers are woven. This means that the color is embedded within the material, and not just on the surface. Car owners have the choice of five colors for the Sunbrella cover, all of which make the car look sleek and handsome even whilst covered; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. Wholesale car covers has become a popular business. This is hardly surprising considering the newly found interest in car covers. Until now, people looked at car covers more as an accessory than a necessity. They did not understand the importance of covering one’s car.

Today though, there has been an increased awareness on just how detrimental nature can be to cars. People have begun to realise that ‘nice car’ and ‘parked outdoors unprotected’ do not belong in the same sentence. There is no way the two can go together. For someone to be able to park their car outdoors, and still retain a neat, clean, healthy car, it is imperative that they cover the car with a car cover. When a car is kept outdoors, it is left to become a victim of acid rain eating the car’s paint work, the exterior getting bleached from the ultra violet rays, and scratched and dented in the wind. This is not all. There is a long list of the dangers that may befall a car when it is stored outdoors, even over just one night. Frankly, after spending so much on the car itself, it is hardly worth paying for constant cleaning and repairs. So, people have finally faced reality, and gone and bought themselves car covers. It is no longer considered posh and overly wealthy to have a cover, but rather a practical and sensible. Of course, there are still the elitist with more upper class, fancy looking covers, but as a whole, car covers are available and accessible to each and every member of the general public. No two people are the same. Not everyone lives with the same car, in the same climate and weather conditions. Therefore, the choice of covers is huge. There are various covers, with different protective combinations, so that everyone, in every climate, is able to find the perfect cover for him and his car. And so, the wholesale market for car covers has just grown. It is a vicious circle; increased demand, therefore increased supply, therefore increased awareness, and increased demand. This has led to more types of covers to be manufactured. More research in various materials, and their protective qualities, and hence a larger choice available on the market. It is a booming business that is taking off. Perhaps the busiest place is online. There are numerous online companies that are selling car covers wholesale. This is due to the fact that more and more people are using the internet for shopping as it is the easiest way to shop. People can read up about all the various covers, read reviews, get a balanced view of the product in question before having to make the deal. This is all at the click of a button, without having to run around from shop to shop, garage to garage.

FORD models: Technical sheets and prices

Ford is one of the companies with the most history and that has most influenced the automotive industry, revolutionizing the sector with the chain manufacturing method. Thanks to this type of production in series, Ford managed to reduce the price of cars in an extraordinary way and, in this way, the car went from being a luxury of the privileged class to something accessible to a majority. Throughout its history, Ford models have always been characterized by an excellent price/product ratio, something that continues to stand out at present. Ford is one of the most important companies in Spain thanks to the factory it has in Amuses(Valencia) from where several models are exported to numerous countries around the world, including the Ford Mondo. Although its origin is in the US, Ford has its own design and development centers in Europe for decades. , so that their cars have always adapted perfectly to the tastes of the different markets and has been a pioneer brand in the globalization of their ranges . The range of Ford models covers a wide spectrum of the market, from the A segment with models such as the Ka , to the D segment with the Mondo, through the  Focus and its C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy minivans. Unmixed and commercial vehicles is a reference with models like the Ford Transit or the Tourneau. In its range, we also find sports models such as the iconic Mustang (now offered in Europe through the official Ford network) or the exclusive Ford GT. In the used market Ford has a wide range of vehicles that stand out for their competitive prices and after-sales service with a good price/service ratio. In addition, it has a program of certified vehicles called Ford Selection with interesting guarantees for buyers. Models of FORD cars FORD C-Max C-Max Minivan FORD EcoSport EcoSport 4×4, SUV or pickup